Here's The Offer

You will have 12 – 2 minute TV reports on our regular Saturday Shows With Early AM TV Spots. Just in time for those Saturday shoppers to get out and grab those deals! Starting January 5th 2019 and ending March 30th, 2019 OUR PRIME NEW YEAR SCHEDULE

  1. We will shoot and edit your report at no additional charge and Television and Film Personality Alan Mendelson will personally voice and appear in your TV spot. With 30 years of experience and an expert at production of TV infomercials and short form advertising including spot commercials for radio and TV for retailers and businesses seeking customers and clients;.
  1. We will upload your video to YouTube at no additional charge.
  1. Your video will be on our website at no additional charge.
  1. Your video will be promoted on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at no additional charge.
  1. You will have all Internet rights for the use of your video.
  1. You will be promoted in our weekly email blasts to viewers at no additional charge.
  1. We need to shoot your video no later than September 15th.
  1. We will allow you to make a change in the video by sending us photos of new merchandise that we will edit into your one-minute report.
  1. We used to charge $400-450 for our one-minute reports but now we have a new, lower price. With your purchase of the 10 weekly spots we have reduced the cost to $180 each week and with prepayment there is an additional 10-percent discount.
  1. With full prepayment now your total price is:

$180 X 12 = $2,160 X 85% = $1,944.00

  1. We accept payment by credit card with no additional costs.
  1. Please note: We are offering a two-minute TV spot for the low price of $81.00 per minute while a traditional 30-second TV commercials in our time period sell for $265 and up. On Alan’s other Best Buy TV show that has been on for 12 years and has a built-in audience of wealthy homeowners who are your target viewers. Retail too Home improvement companies do very well on that show our new MyGrandOpening show should follow those same results.
  1. There will not be any price increases during the holiday advertising season when the cost of TV usually soars.

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Only 14 Show Spots Remain
$ 1,944
00* ALL IN
  • 12 Weekly Shows
  • 2 Minutes of Airtime Each Week
  • *All Filming and Editing Included in Price.